Monday, January 26, 2009

Change the World

Where simple and civil conversation once was the medium of social interaction, the dominant concerns of our day appear to be the rise and fall of the stock market, our bank account, what we owe on our credit card, and the state of the economy. All this has come about so that we can shop away our lives.

But must it be so? Many great change makers in history did not have, or spend, money to bring about the far-reaching changes they did, so why can’t we? Change our thinking and we change ourselves. Change ourselves and we change the world. Remember! The battle to win is the one within. Why? Because the thoughts and ideas that individual's have can be more powerful than money as a change maker for good or bad in the world. — Grandpa Wal

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It seems to me that we waste too much time on thoughts that lead nowhere useful or good. The precious life energy wasted on these negative thoughts can surely be put to better use if we choose instead positive thoughts that lead to truth, honesty, justice, mercy, kindness, friendliness, virtue, loveliness, cooperation, creativity, and so forth. Such thoughts are well tested and yield good results. Try them and see for yourself. - Grandpa Wal

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am sure that each of us can recall when a person's kindness and encouragement has uplifted us at one time or another. I also know that when I reflect on those kindnesses or words of encourgement I am moved to be kinder and more encouraging to others as well. Consequently I feel thankful to all those kind and encouraging people in my life because they have helped me in my own efforts to win the battle within. I hope you feel so too. - Grandpa Wal
Click the link and see a short movie by Zig Ziglar on how other people's thoughts can lift ours and vice versa. Enjoy