Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life, as seen by a one time passer by

Some tentative lessons I have learned from Life

· I have learned that there are good times and bad times in everyone’s life, and that it is not so much the kinds of good times and bad times that come into our life, but how we face and survive the good and bad times, for both have lessons for us to learn and profit from.

· I have learned that some experiences we have while yet a child, can have a lasting influence on us unless we recognise that they are perceptions of what happened, and can be restructured positively in order to profit from them as lessons we have learned that shape our lives for good.

· I have learned that our choice of husband or wife is critical to establish the quality of life we wish to live.

· I have learned that having a faith to live by and a cause to live for can serve as a powerful compass and anchor for our lives.

· I have learned that having a tough mind and a fundamental intelligence to tell the difference between truth and error, between right and wrong, and between good and evil, is crucial to maintaining balance in life. Added to these qualities is the application of the will to choose truth over error, right over wrong, and good over evil as essential ingredients to a successful life.

· I have learned that it is important to think for ourselves and not depend on others to do our thinking for us on the assumption that they know and understand better what is involved than we do.

· I have learned that it is important to live within our means and not spend more than we have, so that we are not always chasing a rainbow that is not built on a solid foundation.

· I have learned the difference between good and bad debt. I have learned that good debt is that which earns us more wealth, while bad debt is that which keeps on costing us more and more until it destroys us.

· I have learned that in life everything is at risk and that we have to weigh up risks intelligently and take only those risks that we have to take with our eyes open and our mind and heart prepared to face the consequences of such risks.

· I have learned that there is no safe way to live and that everything we do has a price that must be weighed against our preparation to face such consequences. - Grandpa Wal

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Abbie said...

Your comment on risk is interesting in light of the blog above. Most times we should carefully weigh the risks, determine if we are willing to pay the price and decide if we want to go ahead. Other times we need to jump in with both feet and deal with the consequences later.