Thursday, December 30, 2010

We live in an amazing Marketplace of Thoughts and Ides

The Bargains we get to Choose from include:

Good Thoughts or Bad Thoughts
Fertile Thoughts or Barren ones
Wandering Thoughts or Disciplined ones
Hazy Thoughts or Clear ones
Positive Thoughts or Negative ones
Constructive Thoughts or Destructive ones

We cannot escape from thoughts coming into our minds, but we can choose what kind will stay, so what thought will it be for you today sir, madam? Choose well, for the thoughts you let enter your mind will shape what you do today! - Grandpa Walr


Abbie said...

I agree. Do you have any tips on how to keep thoughts out of your head? I have learned that it can be difficult to identify the thoughts that you should get rid of, then once that is done it is equally difficult to get them out of your head!

Grandpa Wal said...
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Grandpa Wal said...

For whatever reasons there may be, we cannot keep thoughts from coming into our minds, unless we sleep a lot, but even then they appear as dreams or distubed nights. I believe that we can, however, monitor the thoughts that come into our minds, and send the bad ones on their way if we choose.