Saturday, January 1, 2011

I once heard a story about a climbing race for frogs. Excitement filled the air as the frogs and their fans gathered to see the race. However, when the fans saw how high the climb would be, they soon fell prey to skepticism and began to mouth off that it was too hard and too much to expect a frog to do. One by one the competing frogs became convinced by the jeering of their fans that it was too hard to do and they fell away from the race until only one frog was seen to continue climbing. Although the shouting and screaming of the doubtful fans grew, the frog merrily climbed upward until it reached the top and won the race. … When the prize was handed to the winner, the question was asked, “Did you not hear our cries of how the climb was impossible for a frog to do?” The smiling frog replied, “What did you say? I am deaf, so you’ll have to sign or write down your question, please!”

So it is with us, that we should be deaf to the negative things that come into our minds, blind to the self-defeating pictures presented to our mind’s eye; and dumb when it comes to saying negative things about ourselves or others. In this way, we will win the battle within, which leads to winning all the outward battles in life.—Grandpa Wal


Abbie said...

I like the story. I would be interested in your reflections on your comments when I was a child about your thinking that I had "selective hearing" in light of this story! :)

Grandpa Wal said...

Thanks for the reminder about your "selective hearing." You certainly have become the winner you are because you listened to the voices that you heard or wanted to hear. Congratulations for all the good you do!